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Health and Fitness


Our mission is to provide the highest quality personal fitness services on the North Shore. We provide skilled and knowledgeable professionals (trainers, massage therapists and yoga instructors), who understand how to customize exercise and/or massage to meet the needs of each individual client. In addition to one-on-one studio sessions, we provide small group classes and in-home training.

Contact: Debora Morris, 847.251.6834
350 Linden Ave.
WIlmette, IL 60091
[email protected]


Medicare provider of out-patient physical therapy services specializing in joint, muscle and spine problems. Patients receive one-on-one, hour-long rehabilitation sessions using exercise, postural adaptations, breathing techniques and hands on soft tissue mobilization to rebalance the musculoskeletal system, restore optimal movement and decrease pain so they can enjoy life and return to the activities they love doing.

Contact: Karen Ruiz, 847.920.5044

444 Skokie Blvd., Ave. Suite 310

Wilmette, IL

[email protected]

Enamel and Root Dentistry

We are a family dental boutique that specializes in creating a fun and fresh experience for our patients.  We see patients of all ages and Dr.Alia loves to help people smile.

Contact: 847-906-8676
711 11th Street, Wilmette

[email protected]

Citadel of Wilmette, Rehabilitation Center